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Family Law

Robert Faucheux has been practicing law for 47 years and is proud to represent members of his community. He provides a steady demeanor to make sure all business gets taken care of efficiently and professionally. He prides himself on being approachable, responsive and direct with his clients to simplify what can sometimes be a messy situation. Every step of the process, we make sure our clients feel comfortable and understand where they stand in the proceedings. When you’re represented by Robert, you can rest assured that he will always have your best interest in mind.

Whether your issues are related to child custody, mediation, placement, or divorce, Robert understands how to help both sides work towards an amicable resolution.  When mediation is required, he can provide the peace of mind and solace a client is looking for as they resolve the complicated issues at hand. He also has experience developing working parenting schedules, resolving custody issues and even working through paternity suits. If you’re working through an issue with your family, it is of utmost experience you have an experienced representative at your side to get you everything you deserve.

Our four decades of experience has prepared us for your case. There’s nothing we haven’t seen before or that can surprise us, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.  Call us today at 225-417-7028.

Our firm maintains a diverse general practice, with the ability and experience to vigorously represent our clients in various types of civil and criminal litigation and to assist with a variety of transactional matters.